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Your personal image means the world to you, and to all of those that you meet, connect and get in contact with, either for business or personal manners. Grant yourself a professional portrait through the artful expression of wedding photographer’s George Fasoulis lens, giving your personal image a totally professional touch or the artistic design that you always desired!

Close shots, artistic portraits, black and white profile and intense themes that capture all the intensity, the unique characteristics and the expression power of your face and body, will be captured within the photographer George Fasoulis’ photographic lens in the most artistic way, and give your personal portrait the glow and professional essence that it deserves!

Photographer George Fasoulis is always searching for the most unique way to bring up hour personality and original character, depicting with his lens the intensity of the human face, tha clarity of the soul through your decisive eyes, and all the mystery that lies within little nods, giving your personal portrait the most chracteristic part of yourselves!