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When the picture is an inspiration, experience and search for life, and a uniquely creative way to express feelings and situations that take us, even after many years after the wedding photographer George Fasoulis promises that your guide will take place in this unique travel! With unlimited creativity, unlimited appetite for the excellent visual and aesthetic results and commitment to the most imaginative wedding photography, baptism photography or the most realistic or artistic portrait that you never trust the long experience and travel together in a world of images and emotions!

  • Maira Sof.

    ”We are totally satisfied from our wedding coverage! George’s consistency, his professionalism in our pre-wedding photoshoot, as well as on our wedding day, was exceptional! I personally guarantee that you will be speechless from his quality of work for your most special moments!“
  • giorgos-maria Just perfect!!! We couldn' t have asked for a better photographer!!! Besides your excellent work, you have a great personality, and we had a great time with you!!! You are a unique person, and by far the best photographer ever!!! Thank you for everything!!!
  • dora_dimitris Besides the EXCELLENT quality of your photos(that is easy to see), we felt completely comfortable with you, because you have the gift to communicate your calm & confident spirit within the chaos of the moment! Yorgos, you are just great and you made us enjoy every minute! We are more than happy that YOU took on such an important part of our wedding, that we will keep for ever! We hope that you have always the best of luck, and that you continue to offer your art to the world!!! We hope to see you again soon!!!
  • tonia We simply cannot compare you to anyone Yorgos Fasoulis! Congratulations on the quality of work that you put in the art of photography! Well done!
  • melina I was pretty sure that all of your photos would be wonderful but your work goes beyond that!!! Thank you very much! (Especially for the special shots!!!!! )
  • All these pictures are pieces of art ! Congratulations with the wonderful show of this fantastic wedding !
  • Yorgos made a great job, we totally enjoyed all of his photos!!!! He artistically depicted in a beautiful & unique way a day so special that we and our child will still enjoy every time we see his photos in a few years from now!
  • Yelena Zeru You are an outstanding photographer. Love how you caught so many amazing moments.
  • Sorry, this entry is only available in Greek.